Why Latindia

Latin America is not well known in India. Common perceptions and stereotypes that come to mind are Carnival, Amazon, beaches, and other images of a region that is five times the size of India. Brazil itself is over two and a half times the size of India, whereas Argentina is almost as big.

Latín Americans also are not familiar with India on the whole. India offers a contrast to that part of the world, with its ancient civilisation, still evident in its cities and villages. Modern India has ventured out and is being recognised increasingly in Latin America and the Caribbean as one of the more important emerging economies. With its technological advances in software, pharmaceuticals, energy and other areas of economic development, India is ideally suited to be a partner to that region.

There are still difficulties, real and imagined, faced by those wishing to contact, connect and collaborate with their counterparts on the other side. Geographic connections by sea and air need to be improved; lack of familiarity with languages spoken on both sides can make communication complicated.

Latindia offers a bridge between India and the entire region of Latin America and the Caribbean. We maintain updated information on the region, its political and economic developments, and the process of integration between the main countries. We also monitor the bilateral relations between India and countries of that region. Country Notes, backgrounders, advice papers on select issues, surveys and other forms of assistance are available for our clients on a customised basis.

Latindia’s multilingual expertise, in English, Spanish and Portuguese, provides its clients with a seamless working environment that overcomes cultural barriers.