English, Spanish and Portuguese Capability


Latindia offers services that take its clients in India and in Latin America/Caribbean (LAC) beyond the visible horizon.


An expert team maintains updated briefs and notes on India and important countries of LAC. There is constant monitoring of developments. Briefs on political and economic issues provide essential overview.


Unfamiliar situations or realities call for political risk analysis; evaluation of opportunities, pitfalls or obstacles; projections of political and economic trends. All these can be customised for our clients.


Latindia’s extensive network provides expert guidance on investment ventures, business startups, upscaling of current operations, exploration of new markets.


Market surveys, logistics studies, legal briefs, government policies, and other customised services can be provided based on client-specific operations and requirements.


Latindia helps to connect its clients in India and LAC with appropriate counterparts, officials, customers, potential joint venture partners and collaborators.


Follow up and liaison of projects initiated either by clients or by Latindia adds value and minimises risk. Select personnel can accompany clients in the course of implementation of projects/operations.


Latindia provides in-depth briefing for employees, managers and collaborators unfamiliar with the realities on the other side. Theme or project-specific seminars, language training, area familiarisation can be organised for key personnel.